23 November 2005

Put It To Bed, Dear.

Are we still going on about the banner ads over on AOL?
I mean, it's been how long now?
They are here to stay and that's not really a suprise, if you had thought about it. I did. That's why I gave it until this past weekend. I am moving on. Yes, I am still doing the AOL Cafe. Yes, it will remain private. Yes, this entry won't be repeated over there.

I just finished watching the American Music Awards. I loved the Eurythmics. Annie Lennox is a goddess! The Rolling Stones didn't impress me. Neither did Cedric. I thought he was a bit out of his element and seemed a bit stiff. Lot's of lip-synching. Are you a dancer or a singer? Are you getting an award for song sales or dance moves? So, why are you dancing live and singing fake? I mean, if they want to give out awards to lip-synching artists, I am one of the best in the business and I have made quite a career out of it before I switched to bartending. I'll get up there and show you how it's done!

I went to dinner. I am still digesting the meal so I will write about it later. Yes, they showed up.

I was very happy.

I have to get myself together for the gym. Miss Patti is under orders to come and get me. I need to go to the gym if I am going to survive this week of eating rich, delicious foods. And with the weather getting so chilly, I won't be doing my walks quite as much. She had the nerve to drop off a test batch of homemade tiramisu. I will kill her! It's bad enough I will be eating it next Monday but now I have a whole mess of it in my icebox.


  1. Yeah, I thought the Stones were rather uninspiring.

    But didn't you think that Mick's physique looked great for his age? ALexis and I both noticed how in shape he looked.

  2. Oh my gosh tiramisu!! My hubby's favorite dessert!

    Hey, if I can get out and walk in the cold temps of Montana; you can get out and walk where you are in New Jersey :)


  3. I didn't see the awards. The lip syncing gets on my nerves !!