30 November 2005

Up To The Minute

Well, Miss Patti begged off shopping as well. I am beginning to believe she is avoiding me. Actually, I know she's not feeling all that well. It's a shame, she missed a spectacular day outside. I walked down the world famous Atlantic City Boardwalk to pick up my serfs wages for the time spent on Lord Studio Six's lands. I did some visiting throughout the city and was just loving the fact that I only needed a light jacket and a T-shirt. Very nice. Very nice, indeed! I know we are going to suffer for this nice November weather, that's why I am enjoying it while can. There's tropical storm "whatever" out in the Atlantic Ocean, and this island has been pretty lucky as of late. The last big hurricane to hit here was in the sixties. And now they are saying next year may be just as bad. Sorry New Orleans but, you ain't got nuttin left, here's hopin' they stay in the Gulf. Gott in Himmel!

I have not a thing to do until Friday. I am really hating this. I need to get another job. The idle mind is the Devil's workshop and believe me, Satan gets a hold of me and all hell breaks loose. Luckily I haven't many coins to my name or I could really get in trouble. Oh, who am I kidding, I can get in to a whole heap o' trouble on less than the pocket lint I am currently holding on to.

There are a few movies I wish to see but, that would mean a bus ride to the nearest TowneTooMany or Googleplex. I hate the local buses, especially the ones throughout South Jersey. I may just have to convince someone to take me to the cineplex.

It's time to get my winter garments out of the attic and switch out my seasonal clothes. That will take all of twenty minutes, then we'll see what other shenanigans I can get into!


  1. I switched my wardrobe attire about a month ago. I hate it when I have to do that! I'd rather keep out my summer clothes all year round! Have a good day, and don't get into too much trouble! lol
    ~Colleen :)

  2. A t-shirt and light jacket...I am wrapped up like a big fat michelon baby, and I am inside. Enjoy it for all of in iceland too. Thanks for stopping by my journal.

  3. Here in Montana this past week we paid for our nice November weather. Cold out there now with 3-4 inches of snow on the ground. I won't be warm again until spring - oh wait - I will be warm. Going to San Diego for Christmas.

    Just love reading your journals no matter where you are at.