25 November 2005

The Big Sweep!

I cleaned to-day. Even more. The living room and the dining room (except for the bit along the wall, see the entry below: Help Wanted--Inquire Within) are now "cleansed". I did a bit in the kitchen and my room. Then it's just the bathroom and I am done until Monday, just a touch up here and there before the guests arrive. Last year was spent cleaning most of the penthouse on Monday and I vowed not to do that again! Side note to Stacy: The bar is done and set up. I am waiting...

I am now going to go to the gym. I have to walk since Miss Patti has to work tonight. Ugh! I will be sure to bundle up like Kenny on South Park. After that, I will get a few more things done and then off to work at Babes Gentleman's Club. Hopefully everyone will be full of holiday cheer and spread a little my way!

I forgot to mention that my cousin Eric is coming up with a few buddies soon and I am going to take him on the town. This will be quite the occasion since I used to go out clubbing with his MOTHER, forchrissakes! That's just...nuts!

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