25 November 2005

See You On Monday

I just got back from the gym, it's twenty-three degrees fahrenheit out. I am so glad I didn't look at the temperature before I went. It was cold but, not windy. I had a great workout, upping the weights again. My sister was suprised at the way I looked. I am getting too damn obsessed if I am willing to walk two miles to and from the gym. A few days ago, a good friend of mine asked me to spot him on a bench press. When he lifted the weight, the iron bar bent a little, he was benching three hundred and sixty pounds! Like I really could have done anything if he lost control. Jeesh! I was pretty much just moral support. That's about all I could do.
By the way, that's two of me. I am one eighty now.

Luckily the weather is warming up over the weekend. Miss Patti has to work again tomorrow so I will be hoofing it there again.
I have to figure out what I am wearing and get ready for work.


  1. Have a great weekend sugarlump!!

  2. Hey Mort: Hope you had a fab Thanksgiving!

    I changed dot-colors on Blogspot so we can still be friends...

    hugs, Albert

  3. Mortimer! I came across your journal link from someone else's journal (I can't remember who). I'm glad I found you, I was going through Cafe withdrawal!! Please stop by my new home here if you'd like to! :)