18 November 2005

Self-Imposed Exile (R)

I just got back from the gym. My flatmate gave me a great compliment, he said I am really looking good. That always makes you feel good, especially after working out for so long. I see myself but, when you see it every day, you get a different perspective. Having the outside confirmation that your efforts are noticeable is always a great feeling. There is one thing about the gym that concerns me, I watch the guys, sometimes, not for the reason you might think, it's just to learn technique or a new machine. I just hope that it's not misconstrued that I have alterior motives.
That's for later, at the club!

Miss Patti and I went over the menu, it's looking good, now I have to refine the list a bit because after this weekend, once word gets out that I am doing the Alternate Thanksgiving again, people will be inviting themselves. As long as they bring a dish of food, they are more than welcome. The penthouse is huge. We'll all fit, one way or another.
Gods, it's great to be writing again.
Rome on HBO had me screaming out loud this week. The decapitation scene (not the first and I suspect not the last) was so realistic and so gory, I actually shouted out, "OH MY GOD!" on the top of my voice and woke Chunkie up and he is three rooms away. It was brutal. And it didn't stop. The whole arena scene was just plain insane. It's a great show but, you have to watch it with an iron stomach. Next week, I think Julius Caesar bites the dust. Here we go...the senate...with knives...I can't eat beforehand. I'll probably lose my lunch.
I had a pop up adware on my computer today. That was fun. Every three minutes, my computer locked up and I had to wait for the damn thing to load. I swear the AOL Overlords planted it because I bitched a bit too much about the banner ad at the top of our journals. I'll bet they said, "you don't want that ad, wait till we send this little thing over", LOL! McAfee took care of it, for now.
Tomorrow, precleaning for the party. I have to get so much sorted and thrown out. Fixing the one toilet, yes, I can do such things. Then it's back to the gym and then Babes.
I live for the weekends!

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  1. You do toilets ehhhh? Huh, so you are a domesticated bitch are ya?