18 November 2005

Random Entry

Well, I got nothing accomplished today. I don't know why. I just feel so lazy and I sleep on and off all damn day. I have to get ready for the gym soon and then it's work. Yippie! I have been so bored, I canNOT wait to go to work. I really need to find a part time job. I am not one to be left to my own devices. I risk falling back into my anal retentive/obsessive compulsive habits and that won't be good for me or anyone within 500 yards of me.

I think I will get off the damn computer, get my ass in gear and start fixing the toilet. Then I will get ready and go, go, go! Watch out world, Mortimer is leaving the penthouse.

Be afraid, be very afraid!


  1. Hello, Just snoopin around here seein whats up...it's cute.

  2. I wanna come to the Penthouse for Turkey Day. Pfft. Damn those airfares!

  3. My God, by all means, fix the toilet! Looks like we're all getting mighty comfy here at Blogspot. I even like it better. Cynthia told me about "bloglines" so now I can keep everybody straight and find everyone again. Reading your comments on AOL about the banner ads really helped me: it felt good to see someone else who understood why they are so offensive.