23 November 2005

Help Wanted--Inquire Within

I am not getting as much done as I want to. It's a daunting task and I am a bit overwhelmed. I really should just hire a housekeeper. That would just save me the trouble of doing it all myself. My flatmates are no help. La Chunk is in Philadelphia until after Thursday which means the clothing that is stopping up the works in the laundry area will continue to stop up the works (not just what's in the actual machines but what is all over the folding table and hanging on the garmet rack). And Mommie Dearest is currently napping and when she awakes, she'll be getting ready for work which means, the items you see above that are stacked wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling will be going nowhere, fast! I am doing the things I can, like washing the rugs from the kitchen floor, I fixed the toilet in the green bathroom, I am taking everything off the dining room table and putting away (read: In Super Chunk's room because it's all his), I took out Chunkie's air conditioner and I am trying to tackle the living room, which is a horror of Faux Oriental, Mommie Dearest's favourite milieu. I hate all the little statues of Buddah and geishas and crap lying about collecting dust. UGH!
I have to drink the rest of this pot of joe and get my ass in gear for the task ahead!

CALGON take me away!


  1. I'd help you if I were there...if you shared that bottle of booze I see there in the pic! LOL

    Have an awesome holiday!


  2. Keen eye Stacy, I was about to ask about the Vodka too! Coffee my ass.....we know what you're drinkin' Mort! Get to work! What are you doing reading this comment? Do you have time to be wasting? shoo! go!

    ha ha

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Awww, would give you a hand but seeing as I'm currently on the wrong side of the pond, I'll have to take a rain check! Gotta ask, Faux Oriental? Sounds awful :)

  4. Darling pile their stuff in their rooms including the laundry! Slow down or you will not have any fun.

  5. What the hell is all that stuff? Damn!