22 November 2005

My VIVI Award!

Now this sucks. Patrick, formerly of Patrick's Place on AOL just sent me this graphic. I had to send him an email refusing to use it. Since I disqualified myself from the VIVI Awards, I cannot, in good conscience use the graphic on the AOL Cafe, since that was the journal nominated and the awards were AOL/Jland-centric. But, I will put it up here, at least in this entry.

It's nice, isn't it.

Damn, I finally win something and I go and muck it all up.


  1. It is nice, but I respect your decision not to accept it based on why you disqualified yourself.


  2. You know what Mort? After all the damn banner ads AOL put up, you should put this award on your journal. phuck them!

    Glad to so you stepping into new digs here......tres' chic! Do you mind if I link your journal on my favorites?