30 November 2005

The Aftermath Or Plans Within Plans

Yesterday was spent cleaning, that is, after I recovered from the weekend. I slept forever and didn't get up until nine at night. I didn't have much to do, just the turkey carcass and a few lingering glasses and ashtrays and some of the serving trays. None of us smoke in the penthouse so, one cigarette in an ashtray is quite the stink maker. My flatmates didn't seem to see the need to help me clean this mess up and left if for me all day and most of the evening. Very nice of them. I will say that Mommie Dearest helped with some of the dishes at one point but La Chunk's contribution seemed to be to make sure all of his boxes and suitcases of clothing were put back out in the dining room, again! Luckily I had gotten most of it done right after the party so there wasn't too much lying about. When I was taking out the refuse, I saw a light up Santa and reindeer lawn ornament right out the door to our penthouse. Mommie Dearest struck again! So, in a fit of mischief, I put the Santa in our hallway to our bedrooms and plugged it in as a night light. A very bright red and white night light! Ain't I a stinker? I can't wait to hear the feedback about this latest prank.

Miss Patti begged off of our usual gym date last night. I wasn't happy about that but, I didn't argue. It was rather windy and rainy out. She and I are going shopping today, although I literally have not one dollar to my name right now. Before the party I had paid a few lingering bills and then funding the party cost me every last cent I had on hand. Ugh! I do get paid today and I didn't pick up my check last week so I have two miniscule paychecks to tide me over until Friday. And I just recently found out we are going to get paid every two weeks now. I HATE THAT PAY SCHEDULE! I really do. It's bad enough I only make three dollars an hour and claiming so much in tips eats away most of that in taxes but now, I have to wait every two weeks to get this pittance. Bloody hell!

Time to ring up Harrah's and get that 401K I never knew I had and see about getting my taxes done from last year. I am thinking, and I may be wrong but, they don't penalize you when you get a refund.

At least, that's what I am hoping.

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  1. Hee, hee! I wanna see the lit up Santa in the hallway!!!

    I put a glittery, baubled pink flamingo on my lawn recently just to piss off my neighbors. They're the ones that told me to take down my Kerry/Edwards sign because it was against the deed restrictions. I didn't though!

    Where's the penis pic that's on the fridge? I'm searching like hell but can't find it! This is what happens when we blog in two different neighborhoods!

    Question is, which neighborhood has the most riff-raff?