22 November 2005

Learning New Things

I have to figure out how to put my favourite journals on here. I don't think the format I chose allows for it but, I may be wrong. I also don't like the delay in posting my entry and when it actually shows up. Even when you edit it, it takes a bit for it to show up in the corrected/edited form. I recently had a grammer error I wanted to correct, something small but annoying that I fixed but, it took forever to show up. Other than that, I do like the new digs and the nifty layout. I am trying to post a picture so this is why I am writing this entry. It seems that it works. Good. And now, I have just found out how to add multiple images. This is good. I never knew this ancient hag could learn new tricks. There's life in these bones, still!
By the way, the picture is of me from last Saturday before work. I am hating my hair, it's in that inbetween stage which of course, is when I get the most compliments. All weekend, people were telling me how much they liked my new hairstyle. Believe me, it's simply gelled and thrown back until I get it to a length I like. Fernando is ringing me to come out, as I write this. I am going nowhere in this weather. We are expierencing a nor'easter and it's just miserable out. I hate these storms more than the occasional hurricane (which we're overdue for and we have had doozies, they take out our piers and flood the island) . The nor'easters take out the beaches. We have had some horrible erosion with these storms. Hopefully the new dunes and beach replenishment project will keep the sand where it belongs instead of traveling down the state to Wildwood, where you have to take a taxi to get to the ocean. Their beach is miles wide. Most of it is ours. Bitches.

Ok, this was intended to be a short entry trying out a new thing and I end up writing a whole thing. I have to get up early and go through the penthouse to get it ready for the upcoming party.

I cannot wait! For the party, that is, not the cleaning up part.


  1. The delay in seeing entires posted or being able to fix grammer or spelling errors bugs me too!

    Are your pics linked to Blogger directly from your computer's hard drive? I've yet to figure all that stuff out.

    Mort, I so admire your gym dedication-- wish I could get it into myself.

  2. Bondage pants......ha ha. I see you're all tied up!

    That's Ma'am to you!


  3. So glad I get to read you again...