03 March 2006


I have been remiss in putting a real entry in this Cafe. It's just that I have had such exclusive merchandise, full of juicy tidbits, I couldn't really put them out there for just anyone to have.

The Studio Six reopening was too fantastic for words. I am so happy to finally be home. I just love working there and this past Saturday was so spectacular! Everyone seems to love the new renovations and we had a great time. Now, I am finally back to making a decent living. Since things didn't work out getting the other job like I had hoped (and needed), to be back on Saturdays has really helped me financially and I am finally getting back on my feet. I can now afford the jitney again (yes, it got that bad) and don't have to walk to work like I did for the last few months! Friday's pre-opening and Sunday were also wonderful.

Miss Patti and I have plans to go to see the Bodyworlds thing up at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. It's something I am not really itching to see, it's weird to see inside real people's bodies. We shall see.

Other than that, this past Wednesday was busy and we didn't close until after six in the morning. That's always good!

Time to take my constitutional and then get ready for my trip.

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  1. jitney......is that the public transportation?

    I've heard the Franklin Institute is a must see. I want to take Trev there one day.

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