08 March 2006

About Last Night (R)

We did our T&T Tuesday at Los Amigos and Miss Patti decided to go with. We forgot to print out the email coupon but, they know me and I still got the discount, as well as free dessert! Woohoo! My meal needs no description, except what you can see above. It was literally heaven on a plate. They just made the sauce that is on the right and they didn't know how hot it was to warn me. When my face turned bright red, even more so than my hair, they knew to warn the rest of the patrons! I love spicy food but, I didn't know it was going to be that nuclear! Chunkie and I got smashed on the margaritas and we had a great time.
Today, Miss Patti and I are going to Philadelphia to finally see the
BODYWORLDS exhibit at the Franklin Institute. We have been planning this for a while. The weather is just amazing and I can't wait to go to the city of brotherly love. Unfortunately, I fell asleep in my contacts and my eyes are killing me right now. I am doing my home remedy, tea bags, which usually clears up the problem so I can actually focus on things.
Then it's work tonight! Fifty cent drinks from 10-2! You can't beat that with a stick!

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  1. Damn, I'm hungry now....but I'll steer clear of the sauce:)

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