16 March 2006

Spring Cleaning, Tides Of Change

I finally made it to the gym the last two nights. It had been ten days since I worked out. With the promotion and the new carpeting in my flat, it's been too hectic to get my butt to the house of pain, also known as Island Gym. Now, I have the motivation and I am back with a vengeance! Dorian and I did our usual upper body workout and this afternoon, we are concentrating on legs. I won't be able to walk tomorrow. I want to get at least four days in, I have to play catch-up. I already feel great, again, and I am so damn happy that I am back to working out. Miss Patti came to pick us up and she took off her jacket to weigh herself and I couldn't believe how small she's getting! It's really noticeable!

Work is going fine. I had to go to the office yesterday to pick up my paycheck and get all the codes and keys and whatnot that come with the new position. I had inherited the previous Asst.'s key cards and they didn't seem to get me in some areas that I needed to get to so I got that taken care of. I also saw my GM's and my office and desk. Now I have to get a plant and some pictures to put on it. Make myself feel at home. As if the club hasn't been my home for the past (far too long to mention here) years. I have to open the club tonight. I haven't a clue what happens on Thursdays. When it was my day off, I stayed home and played couch potato. Now, everything has changed and I will be living at the club.

On the home front, I got all the electronic areas up and running. It was a bitch and a half. I had left a few elements attached to the walls to ease in setting back up the various pieces of equipment but, the carpeters, in their infinite wisdom, took everything apart and I have spent the last three days trying to figure out how to get everything working again. Which explains why I haven't been adding anything to my journals or been on MySpace for a while. I went through my room with detached indifference and threw out EVERYTHING! I gave a huge bag of costumes to one of the performers at the club (with another bag ready to go), I gave two bags of clothing to Little Jose. I got rid of jewelry, wigs, all the accessories that I use to keep around when I was doing the shows. I have given that part of my life up and it's time to shed all those things. I have kept a few basics but, the extras, the stuff I rarely used, is all gone. I even shaved my head, again. Shorter than ever before. Almost bald.

I have no idea who I am anymore!


  1. ...but don't you feel lighter having gotten rid of all that stuff? That's what I've been doing lately, and even though it's hard to part with things sometimes, you feel better in the end, and everything looks better too. And maybe on some level, by getting rid of "excess baggage" on any level, real stuff or emotionally, you make way for new things to come...you gotta hope so anyway! A desk, and office, plants...wow, I'm impressed! Congrats, and hope Thursday goes good for ya. nettie

  2. As soon as Scarlett's car gets fixed I am going to get myself a health club membership. My ass is getting so flabby! LOL
    Love you!

  3. ummm..are you giving anything away to those of us in blogger land?

  4. Your flat looks back to normal! See I knew you would work your magic! Good luck with the new job! I know you'll do fine! Remember change is a good thing! Let me know when you are working at the club I'll be in AC on March 30! Peace And Love! -Michael

  5. hey, your own office and desk! Wow! So happy for you; so glad things are going good :)


  6. Congratulations on your promotion dude! Holy cow, that is great!

    You are right, the hardest part of home projects is often taking things apart and then putting them back together!

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