22 March 2006

Random Tangents

My Asian persuasion landlord and his wife are in my big bathroom doing whatever the hell they are doing in there. I think it's best, sometimes, to just let them be. I realize he wants to save money by doing some of these repair jobs himself but, our toilet (in the smaller bathroom) still leaks from last year when he took it upon himself to replace the wax ring. We don't have the heart to tell the little pest. I fear that the ceiling will come tumbling down when Mommie Dearest is in there showering for work. That will be a scene!

I am off today. As I said in the other Cafe, waiting around for my paycheck, next week, is getting tiring! I really need to find out where that 401K money is. Everything that I had just caught up on; bills, rent, paying back everyone whilst the Studio was under renovations, is beginning to mount up again! I didn't realize the change from cash-on-hand to bi-weekly salary would affect me so harshly. I am enjoying the position but, this is getting tedious. Maybe I can work an advance on my paycheck.

Nothing to report about Miss Patti, yet. I rang her up but, she didn't answer. Probably at the Drs.

I just received a phone call, it seems the Jehovah's Witnesses are now using the phone instead of knocking door-to-door. I guess since I live in a penthouse, they can't really get to me, personally. I didn't answer the phone. When I lived with Miss Patti in Somers Point, we would torture them. When they knocked, she would answer the door and begin talking to them, then I would holler from the kitchen, "honey, the magic circle is ready, I need you to spread the pig's blood on the candles right now!". They would run away from the building! Reindeer games! Gotta love 'em!

I have nothing to do today. I have slept forever so, I am way over that. I guess it's time to get more stuff done around the penthouse.


  1. you are sooo funny. I'm laughing at what you did to those poor Jehovah Witnesses (they are a cult religion so I feel sorry for them in general).

    you will adapt to getting paid every other week. Just takes getting use to


  2. Yeah, we used to do that to JW's as well, too funny!

  3. too funny doing that to those Jehovah's witnesses!

    hopefully you'll get in the swing of things once you get that steady paycheck rolling in.