23 March 2006

See You Soon.

I just got back from the gym with Dorian. It was a great, if a bit abbreviated. Having to rely on bus schedules makes for odd timing. We did a few different exercises and I want to begin a leg regimen. Little Jose wants to work out with me on the 'morrow. That should be interesting, since he's been going to MY gym without me. Little putz! You know I'll get him. I am a bit sore but, I feel fantastic and look damn good to, if I do say so myself.

I have to work tonight, it's going to be rather slow, Thursdays usually are. I have to brainstorm with our promotions manager and think up some ideas for during the week. It's a bitch, not every club can have every night, people like a change of pace but, we need to do something to attract more business than we're getting at the moment. Even with the off season, it's not up to par.

Time to get ready. Probably won't be adding an entry for a while.

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