21 March 2006

Home Drama! Again!

Now that we have these wonderful carpets, we are going to get a new ceiling in our bigger bathroom. This is going to be fun. I have to inform Mommie Dearest to get all his little sea dioramas out of there before nine in the morning tomorrow. He can't ever do anything tastefully. It's an all or nothing proposition with him. He has seashells EVERYWHERE and little water features (read: fountain) by the window and even little Little Mermaid statues among the flora and sea fauna. Not to mention the sea rocks and flotsam and jetsam that he finds on the beach. It's nuts. And the fish. Miss Patti asked me if I ever counted all the magnetic fish and fish statues and fish sculptures in there. I think she's mad for even entertaining that idea. As if I really want to spend the better part of my day counting hundreds of fish in my bathroom. Yes. I said "hundreds". So, he'll have so much fun dismantling all of that mess. I am just going to get the three things I have in there out of there and calling it a day. And then spend the rest of my day listening to them hammering and sawing and spackling and replastering. It's a fun, fun, fun day here in the penthouse!

I wrote about My First Full Week at our other location. It's exclusive and only those on the guest list can read all about it! Yes, Mom, this means you!


  1. I have to say, I would love to see a picture of the ceiling before it got destroyed, but bet I'm too late for that to happen. I bet it was one of the more interesting ceilings around. Beat the stars my daughter had on her ceiling at one time.


  2. I LOVE sea diarama's in the bathroom...In mine I even went so far as to paint a large underwater mural on the wall...complete with a family of sea-monkeys and a large pink octopus. heehee..It's good to know I'm not alone..Three cheers for mommie dearest!

  3. and to think I just spent the past few weeks getting rid of extra bric a brac, well hey, at least there's always something to look at when you're in there, no need for magazines, LOL ;)