10 March 2006

Bodyworlds (R)

I just got back from the The Franklin Institute and the Bodyworlds exhibit.
It was really bizarre! I really didn't want to go. Not that I am squeamish...well...I am but, it's just not my cup of tea. I saw the special on our local affiliate and that was enough for me. Miss Patti was really itching to go so, I knew that if I didn't and the show left town, she'd hate me forEVER so, I bucked up and went.
It's still not my cup of tea. Or anything else. Very strange and odd. Most of the donated bodies were men so, yes, there were a lot of penis' and testicles dangling everywhere. Most of the subjects smoked so, now I have a good idea what my lungs look like from working in the club for so long. I am glad New Jersey is going smoke free on 15 April. Even the athletes, like the gymnast, had really polluted lungs. Very strange. It was interesting to see the muscles in action, like in the aformentioned gymnast and the sprinter and basketball player and the archer. The last was a woman, very well built but, her brain was on top of her skull and it looked like a hair bun. Odd choice.
They showed breast cancers, liver damage, heart attacks, blocked arteries, brain tumors, pretty much all the human ailments. The worst was the room full of babies and fetuses. That was the most disturbing. Some of them were deformed from birth defects. Very disturbing. They even had a pregnant woman with her child still in the womb. Looking at it with a scientist's eyes, I can see the value of such an exhibit but, as a lay person, it really freaked me out. The most interesting to me was the fact that the human buttocks are just chock full of veins. Very densely packed. Strange.
We were going to enjoy a bit of Philadelphia but, I had to get back for work and she was in need of rest. I can't wait to get to work and have a drink. I need to do a very stiff shot after seeing all that.


  1. Very disturbing sounds like a great summary of it.

    Glad you had a great trip!

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  2. I would have needed a drink after seeing all that too.