30 January 2007

Wednesday: Swap Meet And Karaoke (R)

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We got up early and I decided I needed sunglasses (I told you I forgot stuff). I mean, I am near the equator, I have to protect my eyes from that big fireball in the sky. Although the local news warned of clouds and chilly temperatures coming in over the afternoon, I still needed some protection. After breakfast at this cute little 50's style aluminum diner (where I got eggs Benedict, so good!), we met up with Billy and he took us to the Swap Meet, a huge flea market where you can get anything. And I mean ANYTHING. Yes, it's there. Believe me. We park and start to wander but, we stayed close together because the place is gigantic and you can get lost, fast. It's like being in an ancient bazaar in some far off land, the accents and smells were incredible. I was afraid Chunkie was going to sell me off into white slavery so I had to keep moving. I ended up finding a bitchin' pair of "Chopper" brand sunglasses with metal flames on the sides. Cool as hell! The attendant at the stall was too cute, too. We wandered around, I think Chunkie was missing the retail shops that his people are used to, if it's not merchandised tastefully and in a beautiful surrounding with help at your beck and call, he's out of his element. I took some more shots of some of the things that caught my eye and we left.

Billy took us to a particular Popeyes for lunch that makes exceptional food. He was right. For a chain restaurant, it was very tasty. After lunch, we went to our friend Larry's home. Now, Larry lives with Scott and they are partners but, Carl, who used to go out with Scott, still lives there as well. It's the new family dynamic to live with both your current and former partner. Works for them in practice, works for me in acceptance, no matter how odd I might find the situation. We had just met Scott and Carl the evening before at dinner and they were the most wonderful hosts. We were going there to swim but, the weather was not cooperating. For Chunkie and I, it was still warm if overcast but, forthe Floridians, it was like the latest ice age was upon us. Those people are mad, I tell ya. We sat and drank, I had my feet dangling in the pool, and they were telling us about their vacation they were leaving for in a few short hours. They were going to upstate New York for a "wine tasting on ice" event. They were freaking out because the temps up there were far below freezing and the wind chills were in negative numbers. We sat and chatted some more, getting a tour of their lovely home and tales of Hurricane Wilma. Before leaving, they told us that if we ever need to use the pool, just drop by, the gate is always unlocked! We finally left, Billy had to get ready for work and Chunkie and I needed dinner.

He blindsided me with a dinner companion. We went to Outback and I was the third wheel on a "date" of sorts. Someone La Whore...I mean...La Chunk met online. He was a very nice guy, once he picked up the check for dinner. 'Nuff said.

We went back to the hotel and got changed to go see Billy at Scandals and enjoy the country karaoke. You haven't lived until you are in a gay country music bar listening to drunken Miss Vicki sing bad Kander & Ebb tunes, badly. Seriously. I began demanding shots, which Billy was all to eager to provide (I taught him the "Makintosh Apple" shot). Several dozen later, on top of the copious amounts of Stoli and tonics, I was piss drunk and loving it.

We staggered back to our hotel, through the drizzle and I took one last shot of my blood-shot vodka-soaked eyes before passing out.

About the "communion wafer" blanket, the room had one bed and a sofa sleeper and I slept on the sofa bed. They didn't provide any bedding material so, La Slut...I mean...La Chunk went out and asked for the items. He returned with this felt blanket that, honestly, had the same consistency as a communion wafer.

I told you it was a blessed trip!

Coming up: Manatees really exist, home cooked steak dinner and life-changing thoughts.

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  1. I love this palm you posed in front of. I saw them all over Coronado Island in San Diego, and can't find the name of them ... you have any idea? By the way, they would make a fabulous headpiece for one of those Follie's kinda shows, dontcha think ? http://journals.aol.com/onemoretina/Ridealongwithme