09 January 2007

Survey Time! (R)

1. When you were a child what was your favorite television show? "The Waltons" my Mother even let us stay up to see the scenes for the next week's episode. Thanks Mom!
2. How many brothers and or sisters do you have? A sister, Danielle.
3. Did you get along well or fight a lot with them? We fought as kids, she was such a little bitch but now I love her, she's such a bitch!
4. Did your family sit at the table to eat meals? Yes, we did. And my bloody sister ruined a lot of Mister Softee (go to this site, it even has the music! OMG! I love it!) trips by not eating her peas!
5. Did you say grace (pray before you ate)? No. Thank God!
6. Do you still say grace? Uh...only if that's her name.
7. What is one thing you do to insure that you have a Happy New Year? Alcohol. And plenty of it.
8. How do you bring in the new year? See question number nine.
9. Are you working New Years Eve? I did. It sucked.

10. Do you shoot off fireworks? In bed. Wanna see?
11. What do you want to achieve this year? To bring the club back to it's glory years.
12. What motto will you live by in 2007? The one I have tried to live my entire life by, the Golden Rule.
13. Who will be the first person you kiss in 2007? It was Johanna.
14. Who do you wish that could be? Oh, my crush. Who shall remain nameless.
15. What is your favorite boy name? Trevor. (that answer was for my Mom, she knows why)
16. What is your favorite girl name? Isabelle, which was my Grandmother's name but, sadly, she hated it.
17. What is the weirdest name you have given to an animal? I had a goldfish named "Fido". He lived for a long time, too. He even fetched.
18. If you had to choose...what is your favorite bug? That would be the Praying Mantis. I mean, the female eats her mate, how cool is that!
19. Do mice ever get in your stove? Ask La Chunk!
20. Do you ever look in the mirror and say EW!!!? Practically on a daily basis. I think that's why I started to do drag. It was a way to make myself look like someone else and I could look in the mirror and say, "Fabulous!".
21. Do you ever play the lottery? Not anymore. I did when I worked at an arcade and we had a lottery machine.
22. What is the biggest amount you have won? Five bucks, as I recall.
23. Using your initials...describe yourself. "M"agnificent!
24. When you were little how many children did you want to have when you grew up? Two. I figured one of each, like vanilla and chocolate. You need each flavour. Yes, I would eat them.
25. Did you ever think about who you would marry? No. Not really. Because I can only "domestic partner" so, I never dreamt of getting married.
26. Did you have a crush on any famous person as a kid?Um...yes!
27. Who was it? Jaclyn Smith (from "Charlie's Angels "). Actually, I think I wanted to be her. LOL!
28.What song reminds you of your first love? "Finally" by CeCe Peniston which was Joe, my first true love.
29. Did you ever "get married" to one of your childhood friends? Actually, yes. With Sharon Hainsworth. I wonder whatever happened to my "wife"?
30. Who was the preacher? I've forgotten her name. I made out with Sharon, not the "preacher" so, I don't remember.
31. Did you plan out your wedding as a youngster? No. I planned out my "Domestic Partnership Ceremony" since that's all I am entitled to in this great non-discriminating, all-men-are-created-equal country of mine.
32. Was your real wedding like the one you dreamed about? Nope. Can't get "married" in the United States of America because of bigots and narrow-minded, right-wing, Bible-thumping (usually divorced and in the closet) nut jobs.
33. How many bridesmaids did you have? Who wrote this, a middle-school aged girl? I will have seventeen "domestic partner" maids. They will all wear the ugliest outfits I can find. So there!
34. What kind of flowers did you have? I will have wild daisies at my "Domestic Partnership Ceremony" since they are my favourite flower. I used to pick them in the field out back of my home in Bellmawr.
35. Are you shy or outgoing? Dahling, if you have to ask this one, you really don't know me! Acutally, I am very shy like most performers usually are.
36. What color are your nails right now? Sadly, I haven't worn black nail polish in a while. Hmm...now I have something to do today!
37. Do you sing in the shower? Yes. Loudly. For some reason, I always end up singing "Chances Are" by Johnny Mathis. Go figure.
38. What movie best describes your life? "Dangerous Liaisons". Just watch Glen Close in action, that's me. Totally!
39. Who is your best friend? That is Miss Patti. She gets it by default. She's been there the longest and still hasn't killed me off.
40. What year did you graduate? As if! Try again, neophyte.

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