18 January 2007

Update, Sort Of..

Mi nino malo (Little Jose, my bad little boy) is back home, and I am overjoyed. He's been in Colombia for almost a month and I miss him so. He went right back to school today so, it won't be until tonight before I can see him and give him a big ol' bear hug hullo! Then, I can't wait until next Tuesday because I'll be on a plane to the the sunshine state! Yes, La Chunk and I are going on vacation. A much needed vacation. Let me tell you, with all the madness going on at work, I need to get away. Far away! I have detailed it in the exclusive Cafe: Tailspin.

Other than that, the weather here on the island is as miserable as my mood! That always cheers me up, somehow.

I haven't written in here because I can't stand the formatting anymore. You hit "enter" to start a new paragraph and you go right to "publish post". It's maddening. I will try to write here more often to let my public readers know what the hell is going on in my pathetic life!

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