01 March 2007

Eye Chart (R)

Delio came to get me, finally, and off we went to my eye appointment. Once again, the little speed demon had me white-knuckling it. All during the ride, he was on my case, being a smart-ass and getting on my nerves. He knows how to push my buttons. Luckily for him, I was dependent on his chariot services so, I couldn't really fight back, which he knew and took to full advantage. I don't blame him, I give it to him on a regular basis. Actually, every chance I get.

I walk in, fill out the forms and then I'm brought back by the assistant to have usual tests and things they give you, like that annoying air-puff test that always makes me jump. Come to find out, her best friend is a regular at our club so, we chatted about the nightlife and crackheads.

The doctor saw me right away.

You know your eyes are bad when the doctor makes fun of your vision. He did the usual "this one or this one?" and "is this clearer or this one?". Of course, Delio sends me a smart-ass text message right in the middle of my exam. Mi nino malo! The doctor recommended that I get the disposable contacts instead of the daily wear because, and get this, my vision is so bad my contacts will be too thick to allow oxygen get into my eyes. TOO THICK CONTACTS! Now, that's bad.

Hell, if you're gonna do something, do it right, right?

The other problem with my prescription is, they don't carry them in stock at that strength. They have to be special made so, I have to wait until Friday to get them. The doctor was trying to talk me into purchasing glasses but, I told him no way, I'll wear the ripped contact, thank you. I figured he would have told me that my cornea was scratched from wearing it and he didn't so, I must be ok for now.

Paid the receptionist and then we made our way home, once again, mi nino malo making fun of me the whole ride. Funny though how, when we got within the Atlantic City limits, he clammed up and was sweet as pie.

Smart kid. He was about to get a pounding.

Work this weekend was abominable.


But, at least I met someone. Maybe things are changing.

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