01 March 2007

Doing My Part (R)

O.K. I don't want to jinx this but, well...now that I think about it...well...anyway...ok...let me just spill the beans.

There is a singing/dancing troupe in town at the Tropicana from the show Best of Broadway and they have been coming to the club for the past month or so since they've been here. They are mostly Canadian, from Toronto. The thing is, one of them is just too cute and I finally got up the nerve to...well..."make my move" as they say. We kissed a little, we talked a little, we flirted ALOT. He's the only one from Quebec City (I didn't tell him about my intense hatred for all things French-Canadian. Then again, his tongue was down my throat) but, his lineage is from Sweden and he looks it. Shoulder length blonde hair and those angled Nordic good looks. He's also very bendable, being a dancer. Ahem.

NOTE: As I am writing this entry, he just logged in on MSN Messenger and we are chatting!

He's in the middle of his afternoon show and he had to go back onstage.

To continue, we chatted and flirted, I am going to see the show on Tuesday, I hear it's great. Oh, and I may see him TONIGHT!

The little problem is...HE IS LEAVING MARCH 1st! Just my rotten luck.

Anyway, I think, in the spirit of international relations and civic responsibility, I have to show him the true American way and Atlantic City hospitality and give him a send off that will set a positive tone for when he returns home! Don't you?

You'll be the first to know.

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