06 April 2006

I Created The Universe!

It really boggles my mind. Honestly. With all the overwhelming evidence, there are people in this country, intelligent, reasoning people who still believe that some force created the entire universe and the earth on which we live. It's amazing that the numbers bear out that quite a lot of Americans believe in this hocus pocus. It's sad, really, that we continually attempt to force our SCIENCE teachers in schools to teach this magical process. I keep waiting for the "ta-da" girl to be standing next to God, waving her arms over His latest magical feat! Boom! Light! Drumroll...Eden! Twirl that baton...Flood! It makes no sense. Logic flies out the window. I keep hearing that it's "faith". You must have faith, Mortimer. Believe in God! He wants you to love him. He loves you!

Pardon me but, this "God" created the universe. Does "He" really need all that worship from one little human that "He" can wipe from all memory and history with nary a thought? Think about it, just one little thought and "He" created everything we know and see. I couldn't even measure how little I matter to a being that powerful.

No wonder "He" never answers my prayers. Do you listen to the ants under your feet. Think about it, "He" may have created us in his image but, we can't even comprehend the mental powers "He" commands. "His" very thoughts are action. Unless you're Uri Gellar, you have no concept of having your thoughts control the very fabric of the universe, a universe that you created with a mere thought, one day out of the blue. Hmm...I'm bored, I think I'll create a universe and a bunch of little worshipers on a world to kill each other in my name and praise me because I have such low self-esteem issues I need constant reassuring like a small baby!

By the way, it took "Him" one day to make the universe but, five more to make the little ol' earth. That's a bit odd, doncha think?

It's hocus pocus! Abracadabra! Boom shanker!



  1. now you know that I respectfully disagree with this wonderfully written post of yours and you know that we are on opposite sides on this issue. I'm not going to argue this but tell me how you think the world came to be. Think about it, there has to be some supreme being out there that had the knowledge to be able to design/create something as wonderful as this planet and everything on it and to get the right balance of what we needed included the oxygen needed for us to breathe, the minerals in our bodies to work right, etc.

    Also, His design was that we would not have sinned, and thus, we would not have the sicknesses, death, evil that we have in the world to this day but a certain woman named Eve ate from the forbidden fruit and then had Adam do the same and that's when sin came into the world.

    As far as answering prayers, if a person is not in His will and is sinning, He's not going to answer those type of prayers.

    And He could exist entirely without us and still be perfectly content. We can't exist without him and be perfectly content.

    any reason you decided to write about this today? something in the news I missed?


  2. this is all way over my little blonde head Mort, but I'm predicting that you opened the floodgates with this post! LOL

  3. Mortimer,

    You dirty little heathen. Surely you can see the evidence of a designer...not a very good designer, though, considering that all vertabrates have back problems. Seems the back was designed rather poorly. Yes, even poor old cows have back trouble.

    Really it's rather sad how many people belive in this anti-evolution nonsense. Like you said, it's pure magical thinking.

    I just love the way you put it, though. I like the cafe over here. Very cool.


    PS. Buddhagem is my blogger s/n