12 April 2006

Hipocracy! Again!

Over at AOL News, there is an article entitled "Indonesians Throw Stones at Playboy Offices". Here we go again. Because it offends Muslims, Playboy must shut down! Now, there are millions and millions of people in this little world of ours but, because a MAGAZINE offends a group of those people on religious grounds, we must shut it down and never look upon it again!

Idiocy! These same people kill over cartoons, chop hands off for minor offenses, stone their own family members (usually women, how manly!) over "shaming" them and declare holy wars over deposing a dictator. It boggles my mind that these things occur within the grounds of religion. Not that the Christians are any more sane, you have read my problems about them in the Cafe as well but, come on, people, get a grip. If you don't like it, if it offends you, don't look!

By the way, sales of Playboy are brisk in Jakarta!


  1. Alexis was shocked when she realized the women in the mag weren't even nude!

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  2. Mort,

    Allow me to play Devil's Advocate here. It appears that this group is not unlike the wacky Christian groups we have in this country that go around protesting everything from Eminem to movies they don't like. I would hope the people of Indonesia don't believe that all Americans are like them; likewise, let's not be so quick to stereotype a billion Muslims based on the actions of a small group of people.

    Also, a slight correction. No holy war has been waged because we deposed of Saddam Hussein (I'm guessing that's the dictator you had in mind). The Shia were ready to topple Saddam back in 1991 but the U.S. gave Saddam the green light to massacre the rebels. The Iraqi people could have very overthrown Saddam on their own. That aside, the insurgency is not in protest of the ouster of Saddam but in protest of the continued occupation of their land.

    The other thing that is often missed in these debates is problems with monoculture. Do we really need to all be reading the same magazines, eating the same food, and wearing the same clothes? I love a lot of things about our culture, but what I really love is the diversity of cultures in the world.