17 February 2007

My Day Today Or The Best Laid Plans (R)

I am up, again. I didn't sleep, again. No, not even pharmaceuticals are helping. I think it's just that my body is so geared for going to sleep now that I can't switch the gears and sleep at night. It is weird to go to bed at eleven p.m., I'm usually at work for an hour by then. Or, at least getting up to go to work, or out.

Little Jose and I worked out in his gym last night, it was freezing in there and it did not help the equipment. Even he needed help lifting the bench press and believe me, he's strong as an ox. I was looking at myself in the mirrors, luckily the outfit I am wearing tonight is going to cover most of my body (I am preggers in the number) because I no longer look like a svelte supermodel. I look like a male stripper. Not good when you are trying to do drag. I guess that part of my career is soon to be over.

Today he has to go to Philadelphia for green card issues and I might take the ride with him. Maybe, just maybe, I'll get a chance to see my Mother. Do you think she'll be available?

Neither do I!

Afterwards, he agreed to take Miss Patti and I around to get all the supplies for the baby shower tonight. Miss Patti and I are at odds, she is driving me mad with this "boyfriend" of hers and every time she rings with me with another complaint, I want to reach right through the phone and strangle her! Well...him. Now it's the car (or the bills, or the heat, or food, or...) and she was going to have to bus everywhere to get everything. Luckily, Little Jose has off and agreed to chauffeur us through South Jersey. What would have taken the entire day will now only take an hour or so.

I was chatting with La Chunk this morning and...well...I hate him because we talk shopping and I came up with a great idea. I want to get Johanna a silver spoon from Tiffany & Co. Yes, it's ridiculous, it's a waste, it's not practical.

It's perfect!

I know she's registered other places but, I want to give her that little blue box with a beautiful silver spoon for her baby. In addition, La Faboo is going to get for me a frame from the Discovery Channel Store that has a place for the footprints and a picture of the little imp, which I think is so sweet. Plus, he can work his employee discount and I won't be crying when he presents me with the bill.

I am going to be paying for all of this for a LONG time to come!

Wait...who the hell am I!? What have I done with Mortimer?!? Why I am shopping for BABY CRAP!!!

After that, I will be getting everything together (drag, supplies, baby crap) and then, off to work (FINALLY!) and the baby shower.

Now I can't wait to see how this day REALLY goes.

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