17 February 2007

For La Sletje (R)

Came home from gym. Ate salad. Watched telly. Went to bed. Didn't sleep. Got up. Made coffee. Talked to you.

So there.

Or I could have written it like this...

The gym was quiet. One of the "resolution bunnies" (there are fewer and fewer) asked me if I worked at Deja Vu. After much discussion about the clubs in Atlantic City, we realized that I was his bartender at the strip club a while ago when he was there for a bachelor party. It was interesting to hear what happened afterwards, evidently I got the bachelor's father so drunk, he ended up getting on a bus and got off in Baltimore. He had no idea how it happened. He had no money to get home. My new "friend" also wanted to know if I get any action with the strippers. The dumb fuck. I guess he didn't smell the lavender when we were talking. I didn't correct him. It's just not worth the effort.

I realized that Chunkie needed a few things from the grocery store so I finished up my workout early, noting that I am actually getting bigger. Even Little Jose, whom I am envious of, remarked that he wants me to work out with him, I am getting too big and he's getting jealous. I ran through the Pathmark, trying to remember what he wanted, what I needed and quickly made my way to the self-serve check-out. I am becoming a master of this new fangled technology and I was able to get my change and make it outside to catch the bus home.

The blistering cold had descended on my fair little island and it seemed that no matter what direction I walked, Jack Frost blew his frigid breath right at me. The orange juice boxes, yogurt, bagels and whatnot did not help dangling from my arm, the plastic grocery bag making an infernal noise with all the wind.

I saw Chunkie walking down our wind tunnel street on his way to work, we mumbled quickly to each other, I didn't want to stop since I had just walked eight blocks in this island Antarctica.

Inside, I relit my candle on my shrine (just in case) and sat, watching...whatever on the television. I don't remember and I don't really care.

Dinner was salad and a protein shake with a delicious non-fat non-sugar yogurt for dessert. Yum. Not. I decided to go to bed, hoping, praying, that I will actually get some sleep. I walked almost ten miles during the day, fresh air, a great workout for almost an hour and I had been up since seven that morning, there's no way I couldn't sleep.

You'd think.

Even the pill (small, white, no idea) didn't help. It only put me out for two, maybe three hours and I was up again. Watching...whatever, I don't really care.

This morning was a study in boredom. Banging around the penthouse, actually considering cleaning the bathroom. The fridge. My room.

No. Don't wanna.

Miss Patti rings, she's becoming a bother. Now I am pissed off and that's not good when I am in this...mood. Now I have something to do but, it's not good. Now I can torture my best friend and that's not good.

I'll do it anyway.

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