06 July 2009

To Finish My Story (Quickly And Without Fanfare)

I was wandering the boardwalk, one rather chilly night, ducking in and out of the casinos for warmth. I had just finished work and it was slow so I didn't make all that much money. I had no where to go. Joe finally called me and told me to just go to his mom's place in Ventnor. He said she was waiting for me.

I walked to her place and there she was, with a couch, a pillow and a blanket.

I am forever grateful for that.

So here I am, and have been since my brief and scary foray into homelessness ended. I have lived with Joe's mom before and we get along famously. I only hope that I can repay her for her kindness and generosity for taking me in and giving me a roof over my head (and Internet access, lol).

Now, to find gainful (and more secure) employment.


  1. I am glad you are safe and sound, and I really hope you are able to find work very soon!!

  2. Thank goodness for Joe and his Mom and that there are still angels among us.

  3. Hiya! I simply wanted to highlight that you definitely have built a very nice looking website. In addition to that I would like to ask you a question which is very intriguing for me. Have you ever taken place in any competitions among bloggers?

  4. No, Humphrey, I haven't recently. Although many, MANY years ago, we used to do it on AOL before they shut down their blogs.