06 July 2009

Open Letter

The following was sent to The Press of Atlantic City:

"I work in one of the businesses on the north side of Ventnor Avenue in Atlantic City, just past the Dairy Queen. The alleyway behind these businesses have been a plague on our city for quite some time. The trash piles up and, although some of the businesses pay for regular pick-ups, there are a few who don't and the kids who play in the two block alleyway, the homeless who rummage through the odds-and-ends and the birds who pull apart the trash have made it a horrendous eyesore, not to mention a serious health hazard. While we try to keep the area clean, it's nearly impossible to fight this blight day after day.

And then came Atlantic City Clerk Rosemary Adams to the rescue.
After contacting several city offices, including our district councilman, we were at a loss and couldn't find anyone to help with our problem. But today (Monday, 6 July 2009) we reached Ms. Adams who referred us to Fredrick Parker, who works in the Sanitation Department (Note: I'm not sure of his title or the spelling of his name). Shortly after explaining our plight, work crews were in the back alley with shovels, rakes, brooms, plastic bags and a can-do spirit and started cleaning from the beginning of the alley behind the Dairy Queen and continuing on for two blocks. The work crew also needs to be commended, they were courteous, hard working and efficient, saying "hello" to us and asking how we were during their efforts.
In a city who's services have been lackluster as of late (anyone else notice the Albany Avenue lighthouses that are torn apart and have been so for months), it's nice to know that some of our city officials are doing an excellent job helping to make our city a clean and safe environment in which to conduct business and provide jobs for it's citizens.
Once again, a huge THANK YOU to Rosemary Adams and Fredrick Parker.


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