13 December 2006

Martini Kisses!

1. Are you drunk now? Hell yeah!
2. Last time you drank? I am drinking now.
3. When was the first time you drank? In the womb. They didn't know back then. Lucky me!
4. More of a beer or liquor person? Liquor. I don't even know her!
5. What type of drunk are you? You should never get drunk. Drunks are alcoholics. I am a professional!
6. Favorite Mixed Drink? Ketel One Vodka and an olive.
7. Favorite Beer? Guiness!
8. Favorite Shot? Depends on the bartender.
9. Top 5 Favorite beers? Ale, lager, stout, lite, cervesa.
10. More of a Bar or Club person? If they are serving alcohol down there, I am a gutter person! It's the cocktails, darhling, not the place.
11. Alcohol you absolutely despise? There is no such thing! My gods, who are you?! That's heresy!
12. Ever bought a stranger a drink? Always. Best. Sex. Ever.
13. Been thrown out of a bar/club for fighting? No. Damn!
14. Ever make out with someone in front of a cheering crowd? Just last night!
15. Ever buy a round for random people? Yes, when I am being watched by the "secret shoppers" I always give everyone a drink and NEVER get caught.
16. Best band you've seen while drinking? Dahling, there are too many to name.
17. Ever danced on a table? Why, yes.
18. Best town/area to drink in? Whatever town you are in/by the bar.
19. Do you forget a lot of what happens during a night of hard drinking? Of course.
20. Ever been drunk around your parents? My Aunt gave me my first drink at ten. So, yes.
21. What are the most shots you have had in one night? Ask Jennifer when I barbacked for her in the V.I.P.
22. Ever drank absinthe?Alas, no.
23. What gets you into trouble when you're drunk? My indignation. 24. Ever black out while having drunk sex? Umm...no.
25. Can you drink your friends under the table? Hell yeah!
26. Who is your favorite person to be DRUNK with? Little Jose is fun. Johanna is a hoot.

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