28 May 2013


I've been going through some emotional turmoil recently that I've been keeping off the social media sites and have only discussed with a few close friends. I'm still not altogether comfortable writing about it but today is especially trying and I needed an outlet for my feelings and, hopefully, some support.
Today, my friend (and step-mother), is undergoing a double mastectomy and reconstruction due to the cancerous masses they found under her arm and in her breasts. All of this has happened quite fast, she was only diagnosed two weeks ago, and I'm still trying to come to grips with all the implications. My father is taking this stoically, as usual, but I know he's extremely worried.

During this crisis, my sister had long-overdue surgery to fix a series of sinus problems and my niece had a recent health scare that had us all worried. She's going to Philadelphia today to undergo steps to resolve the issue and her prognosis looks great.
I have to work today, so I can't be with the family for support (which is killing me). I've been an emotional wreck for the past two weeks and, predictably, I've been trying to ignore the problem since I don't know exactly how to deal with it.
I've been counselling with a few friends who have gone through this and they have eased my mind, I know intellectually that she'll be fine and that this diagnosis isn't the death sentence it once was but this is all new to me. I know A.I.D.S., through all my years raising money for the S.J.A.A. and having friends living with the disease. I don't know cancer, so this is all unknown territory for me.
Today is going to be a rough day of many phone calls and emotional rollercoasters. I have faith in Sally's doctors and in her strength that she'll recover and flourish.
Keep her in your thoughts, if you would.


  1. Best of luck for your step-mom...try to stay calm and be there for her as much as you can. Dont feel guilty for not being there today, you have a job to do, she will understand that.
    Take care,

  2. I feel you and I understand how frighteningly difficult a diagnostic process is for the family of someone with a life threatening illness. I also know what it is like to be the one with the illness as well. When anyone says cancer it is hard not to rush to the conclusion that Cancer means death...But just like my illness,which will kill me eventually, the treatments that are available in this time give people long lives post diagnosis. Even those illnesses which have a skull and bones like warning. Some people with breast cancer are even able to work through treatment. I sit side by side with them at my infusion center and it is amazing to see. I am pleased that Sally has gone to Philadelphia...It truly is a Mecca for health care of all kinds. As for you my friend...You are a kind and compassionate man. That is why this is so hard for you. Please pass on my love to Sally...We had such fun times with her and your Dad...I will light a candle at a Padre Pio Shrine in Center City. He is a Catholic Saint who has the reputation of interceding with God to work miracle cures. I know that this is not something you believe in, but it makes me feel that someone hears my call for mercy and wellness. <3

    1. Sorry, Kelly, that I wasn't wholly clear in this post. My niece went to Philadelphia, Sally had her surgery here at Shore Memorial. She wanted to stay local.
      Thank you for your kind words.