05 March 2012

From Boardwalk-To-Boardwalk, Part III

Reality has set in.
In the excitement and hoopla surrounding my being cast as a background actor on "Boardwalk Empire", I didn't think it through completely and now the reality of my situation has settled in and I'm in a bit of a pickle.

I live 130 miles from my job.

I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to manage this. It'll come to me.


Adding to my anxiety, I have to wait until eight o'clock tonight for my call sheet; the time I have to be at the studio for hair, make-up and wardrobe before we are shuttled to the set. I have no clue if I'm working one day or four. So I sit... and wait.

I believe I'll go to the gym.


  1. Are you going to commute or just stay for the season in a crash pad?

  2. I ended up only working the one day, one VERY long day. I'm hoping the ring me up for more.